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Located in Catania, Italy and traveled throughout the world with her craft, Jada Morad has been mastering the creative arts, including opera singing in an Opera choir in 2016, training in Baroque chant by the teacher, music therapist and theatrical performer Raffaele Schiavo in Syracuse Italy. Her genre is Pop Western Music covers, Jazz, Classical, Contemporary Eastern covers . Able to sing in several languages as Italian, English, French, Spanish, Brazilian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese. She has also studied theatrical performance and mastered the art of belly dancing while living in Egypt  with Egyptian master Zaza Hassan; she is an entertainer and artist through and through. She has dedicated her life to showcasing her craft on stage for large audiences and small dinner parties a like, along with sharing her craft by teaching aspiring belly dancers in weekly classes in Catania.
She is available for hire in shows within Italy and around the world.



Solo singer available for Hotels, Resorts, Cruises worldwide.

TITLE: So Nice / Ain't no sunshine (Jada Morad) | Diana Krall / Bill Withers cover 2018.

YOUKU LINK FOR THIS VIDEO:  http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzU5Mzk1NjgzNg==.html?spm=a2h0k.8191407.0.0&from=s1.8-1-1.2

LOCATION : Catania downtown and Sicilian sea coast, Italy

STUDIO RECORD: Digivintage Recording Studios


MAKE UP "SO NICE": Nadia make_makeup_style (Instagram) MAKE UP "AIN'T NO SUNSHINE" : pistonevanessa (Instagram) SPECIAL THANKS TO: Attilio Stavolone, Grazia e Paolo.


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Bella Italia! Singing & Cuisine Official

 “Bella Italia!Singing & Cuisine” is a project where traditional Italian and Sicilian Cuisine is blended with classical Italian and Sicilian singing known all over the world with the most beautiful and popular songs. Is the brainchild by Italian artist Jada Morad in March 2016.
Contact Jada for more information.